Caldera x zkHoldem: fully-on chain ZK Poker

Caldera x zkHoldem: fully-on chain ZK Poker

Hello Everyone!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership that's reshaping the future of onchain gaming. Caldera is teaming up with zkHoldem, the world's first fully on-chain Texas Hold'em Poker platform. zkHoldem is enabling a revolutionary gaming experience that takes full advantage of cutting-edge zero-knowledge cryptography to bring poker onchain.

Onchain Poker with zkHoldem

ZkHoldem, developed by the minds at Khartes Studio, is more than just an online poker game. It's an innovative platform powered by zero-knowledge proofs and homomorphic encryption, providing a fully on-chain Texas Hold'em experience with unparalleled security, transparency, and fairness.

So, what's so special about on-chain poker?

Transparent Gameplay

Every player's actions are recorded on-chain for each game, making the gameplay incredibly transparent. This means no more second-guessing or worrying about unfair practices prevalent in some centralized gaming platforms or questionable online gambling sites.

Full Privacy of Your Hand

Of course, while you want your poker results to be fair and auditable, it's necessary to keep hands private while the game is being run. zkHoldem guarantees the complete privacy of the cards you’re dealt. Not even the developers behind zkHoldem can see your cards. So you can focus on your strategy and enjoy the game, secure in the knowledge that your hand is truly private.

Fair Card Shuffling

What's a poker game without fair shuffling, right? ZkHoldem's zero-knowledge proofs ensure fair shuffling and dealing in every game you play. It's all about creating a fair, fun, and secure gaming environment.

How Caldera is helping zkHoldem

Here at Caldera, we're always on the lookout for opportunities where customizable, dedicated layer-two blockchains can provide massive utility to projects. This collaboration with zkHoldem aligns perfectly with our goal of helping projects build what they want, without worrying about transaction fees or chain congestion.

Ultra-low transaction fees

With Caldera, zkHoldem can achieve transaction fees an order of magnitude lower than existing layer-ones. By leveraging the scalability of our layer-two solution, zkHoldem can facilitate a high volume of transactions at a fraction of the cost of traditional blockchains. This means players can place bets, cash out, and perform all their on-chain actions without worrying about high gas fees eating into their winnings.

A Dedicated Lane

When you're doing a lot of traffic onchain, you really don't want your project to be hamstrung because some other application is taking up all of the blockspace on the network.

Caldera provides zkHoldem with a dedicated lane, effectively side-stepping the usual roadblocks of network congestion and slow transaction times. This ensures smooth gameplay, real-time transaction processing, and a seamless, lag-free gaming experience for users. Whether it's a high stakes game or a friendly hand between friends, with Caldera, every move in zkHoldem is swift and effortless.

Get in on the Game

The future of online poker is here, and we can't wait for you to be a part of it. To learn more about zkHoldem and start playing, click here.

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And if you're intrigued by what Caldera can do for your project, don't hesitate to contact us. We're excited to help you launch your own Caldera chain and join the blockchain revolution.

Until then, stay winning!