Caldera partners with RARI Foundation to launch RARI Chain

Caldera partners with RARI Foundation to launch RARI Chain

We're thrilled to share that Caldera is collaborating with the RARI Foundation to launch RARI Chain, a dedicated blockchain for NFT creators! RARI Chain provides an infrastructure layer that truly prioritizes creator compensation by bringing royalties into the foundation of every project.

Introducing RARI Chain

RARI Chain is an EVM equivalent blockchain powered by Arbitrum Orbit that boasts low costs, fast transaction times, and a node-level embedded royalty structure. Today, RARI chain just went live with a public testnet! Going forward, RARI Chain is equipped to become not just a strong chain for the RARI ecosystem, but the go-to infrastructure layer for all-things NFTs.

Built-in Royalties

On the RARI Chain, royalties are embedded on a node level, which allows creators to freely set unique royalty rates on collections or even individual NFTs within those collections. This structure protects creators from transactions that might attempt to circumvent royalty payments, and ensures that they benefit from their work!

Low & Predictable Costs

Of course, RARI Chain was also very much built with collectors in mind.

Thanks to an integration with Anytrust, any and all transaction fees on RARI Chain cost less than 1 cent, enabling users to mint, buy, and trade NFTs with virtually-zero associated gas costs . On top of that, RARI Chain allows users to make purchases in ETH, UDSC, or USD via credit card for maximum ease of use.

Remarkable Speed and Security

RARI Chain is very, very fast. With blocks confirmed every 250 milliseconds, it's able to process between 200-500 transactions per second, ensuring that you don't have to wait around for your purchase to finalize while maintaining the same security as an Ethereum transaction!

Caldera's Role in RARI Chain

At Caldera, our goal has always been to help innovative teams like the RARI Foundation build and – more importantly – own their infrastructure. RARI Chain is another testament to that commitment.

In addition to helping RARI launch their blockchain, we've also provided essential tooling, including a block explorer, bridge interface, indexer, and testnet faucet. These tools will make it easier for folks to interact with the RARI Chain, enabling a seamless experience for users and developers alike.

Time to dive in!

We're incredibly excited for you all to test out the RARI Chain testnet! To learn more and get started, check out their new website here.

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