Caldera integrates with LayerZero to bring omnichain support to AppRollups

Caldera integrates with LayerZero to bring omnichain support to AppRollups

We're thrilled to announce our new partnership with LayerZero to enable omnichain interoperability between Caldera rollups and any of the 40+ other LayerZero-supported networks!

Why this matters

As adoption among appchains continues to grow, the lack of interoperability between different blockchain networks has become more and more apparent, with each new blockchain adding to an increasingly disjoint ecosystem of user funds and activity. This trend has made it more important than ever for users to be able to freely move funds and data between various blockchains in a frictionless way. 

That’s where LayerZero comes in.

LayerZero is the first trustless omnichain interoperability protocol that provides a powerful, low-level communication foundation for building various cross-chain applications, allowing direct transactions across all chains in a secure and trustworthy manner. 

This is accomplished through LayerZero Endpoints — immutable smart contracts deployed individually on various chains that are able to facilitate omnichain interoperability for Caldera rollups and all the other LayerZero-supported networks. These Endpoints manage the transmission, validation, and receipt of payload messages, enabling seamless communication among smart contracts across different blockchain environments!

Caldera and LayerZero

At Caldera, our goal remains to help developer teams design and deploy custom, production-grade rollups. For each of these rollups, LayerZero now provides a scalable solution for cross-chain communication across all relevant networks.

Through this partnership, users can now collect in-game assets received from one rollup to use in DeFi applications on another rollup. Developers that have built applications on existing networks can now seamlessly expand those apps to a dedicated Caldera rollup. And teams can take control of their security stack by configuring oracle-relayer pairs and the number of block confirmations before sending messages.

Getting Started

LayerZero already supports our partners at Loot Chain and Manta Network, and through this partnership, they’ll continue to support other teams building on Caldera rollups.

Interested in launching an interoperable rollup equipped with LayerZero? Don’t hesitate to contact us!