Unveiling our first set of Arbitrum Orbit Chains

Unveiling our first set of Arbitrum Orbit Chains

After months of work behind the scenes, we’re excited to unveil and introduce our first set of Arbitrum Orbit chains! In total, we have 3 partners planning to launch production-grade mainnet Orbit chains through Caldera in the coming weeks: Syndr, Sanko GameCorp, and Volatilis Technology.

What is Arbitrum Orbit?

Arbitrum Orbit is a framework that allows developer teams to create their own dedicated chain that settles to one of Arbitrum's Layer 2 (L2) chains: Arbitrum One, Arbitrum Nova, or Arbitrum Goerli. You can think of Orbit chains as deployable, configurable forks of Arbitrum's L2 Nitro technology stack that are tightly coupled to Arbitrum's L2 chains. You can also think of them as tailored chains - chains tailored precisely to your exact use-case and business needs. This gives you another way to progressively decentralize your applications and incrementally adopt the properties and security assumptions of Ethereum's base layer.

With Orbit chains, teams can offer gas price reliability to their end-users thanks to the dedicated throughput and traffic isolation, permission access to control who can read the chain's data and who can deploy smart contracts, all while collecting fees using any custom token of your choice to rapidly iterate on domain-specific mechanism designs and value capture opportunities.

Our First Batch

Our first batch of Arbitrum Orbit Chains features a diverse set of use cases that highlight  the unique versatility of these AppRollups.

  • Syndr is the world's 1st cross-margined decentralized derivatives exchange that enables users to trade options, perpetuals & futures on.
  • Sanko GameCorp is an on-chain game studio that plans to release the “Dream Machine”, a game console and arcade built natively on Arbitrum, for NFT and token-based gaming.
  • Volatilis Technology is focused on building a dedicated environment focused on growing and enhancing open money-markets in Defi through Meliora, a user-centric Arbitrum Orbit L3.

Where does Caldera come in?

As detailed above, Arbitrum Orbit provides an incredibly powerful framework for building and scaling an ecosystem. But, deploying a chain with this framework and maximizing value-capture for a given unique use-case requires both highly-specific knowledge on the modular stack, and significant infrastructure engineering work.

Caldera is here to fix that.

What would otherwise take a team of engineers dozens of hours can now be accomplished in a single click through our rollup deployment service and with guidance from our experienced team of crypto-native engineers. As Kevin Zhang, co-founder of Curio put it:

“Working with Caldera has saved us the equivalent of two full-time engineers who would otherwise be solely focused on blockchain infrastructure.”

Getting Started?

We’re incredibly excited to continue supporting the expansion of the Arbitrum Orbit ecosystem. If you’re interested in launching a dedicated Arbitrum Orbit chain with us, don’t hesitate to contact us!

We’d love to chat and help you brainstorm the best infrastructure decision for your use case.