Constellation is now Caldera

Constellation is now Caldera

Gm again! Allow us to (re)introduce ourselves.

Constellation is now Caldera. Although our name has changed, our goals remain the same: empowering developers to build apps in Web3 by making it easy for anyone to launch performant, customizable layer-two blockchains.

Why rebrand?

We loved the name “Constellation” and thought it represented our vision well — a Constellation of blockchains, all unified by Ethereum as a settlement layer.

That being said, lots of other companies love the name as well. There’s Constellation Network, an alt-L1, Constellation Software, one of the largest Canadian software conglomerates, and even Constellation Brands, the largest beer import company in the USA.

In the end, it was tough, but we decided to choose a new brand for ourselves. One that uniquely represents us and can stand the test of time, a name that we’ll be using for the next century. That name is: Caldera.

Why Caldera?

Caldera is a name of inherent contradictions: it evokes visions of both a fiery volcanic explosion and the placid lake left in its wake. Calderas are earthen and grounded, yet occur as a result of the craziest, most out-of-this-world natural phenomena.

The Yellowstone Caldera

Just like the natural phenomenon of a caldera, our mission is to provide a solid and innovative foundation for developers to build explosive applications. Caldera Chains provide developers the freedom to build incredible projects, without worrying about hitting scaling bottlenecks. And — like the natural phenomenon — each Caldera Chain is unique, molded by each project’s specific design requirements and goals.

With Caldera Chains, developers have the freedom to bring their boldest ideas to life without being limited by scalability constraints. This means that each Caldera Chain is unique and molded to the needs of the project, allowing for maximum customization and flexibility. With Caldera, developers can focus on what they do best - creating, building and launching their game-changing applications - while we handle the underlying infrastructure.

What’s next?

We’re excited to erupt onto the scene with our new brand.

You’ll be hearing a lot more from us in the coming weeks, we’ve got so much to reveal. Stay tuned, and be sure to follow our twitter.

About Caldera

Caldera is the first rollup platform, enabling blockchain developers to launch performant, customizable layer-two blockchains with no code or wrangling with infrastructure required. Caldera chains are already live in production and running on both Ethereum and Polygon mainnet. Interested in learning more about how a Caldera chain can help your project? Get in touch with our team.