Caldera x Syndr: launching the first DeFi L3 on Arbitrum

Caldera x Syndr: launching the first DeFi L3 on Arbitrum

We're excited to announce a new partnership with Syndr!

Syndr is an institutional-grade, high-performance Options and Futures exchange. They offer seamless scaling and exceptional performance, catering to the needs of the next generation of traders in DeFi.

Not Your Grandpa’s Exchange

With Syndr, “options are not optional.” They aim to create a robust, all in one trading platform and experience, by separating themselves through a variety of features and functionality that include:

  • High-performance orderbook: low latency trades
  • Earning through LP
  • Providing permissionless liquidity through Syndr LP pools, or
  • Making markets on the orderbook
  • High throughput: powered by a layer 3 rollup (Arbitrum Orbit built by Caldera)
  • Portfolio/SPAN Margining
  • 100+ markets with daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly expiries
  • RFQs integration + Block-trading
  • Low to no Gas Fees
  • Easy Onboarding & Simple + familiar UI
  • EVM Compatibility & Interoperability

How Syndr is leveraging Caldera

At Caldera, our focus is always on creating the best possible experience for all our partners, projects, and users. Tailoring to the needs of applications being built to create the best possible user experience is at the forefront our values, and will help create the infrastructure to onboard users and fulfill adoption without friction.

This collaboration between Caldera and Syndr exemplifies the innovative architecture that has been established in order to construct new and exciting applications.

By building an Arbitrum Orbit Chain leveraging Caldera, Syndr is able to offer:

  • Smooth scaling & performance
  • High performance and throughput
  • Customized application-specific features
  • EVM Compatibility & Interoperability
  • Easy Access and Onboarding

In partnership with Syndr, Caldera forges a highly efficient infrastructure that enables Syndr’s intuitive trading platform to thrive and create an ecosystem that’s suitable for both newcomers and seasoned traders.

This tactical alliance highlights the dynamic potential of collaboration in the rapidly development DeFi landscape. We’re on a mission to provide an unmatched user experience while continuously stretching the limits of what blockchain infrastructure can deliver.

Looking for Options?

Join Syndr's waitlist while their Testnet is in Private Beta for early access to their platform.

🐦 Follow Caldera: @Calderaxyz

🐦 Follow Syndr: @SyndrHQ

If you're interested what Caldera can do for you or your project, don't hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to discuss how we can make a custom solution tailored to your needs come to life, and would be excited to help you launch your own Caldera chain!