Caldera x SupraOracles: bringing price feeds and VRF to Caldera chains

Caldera x SupraOracles: bringing price feeds and VRF to Caldera chains

Hello everyone!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce a key partnership that we believe is going to shake things up in the blockchain space. Caldera, your innovative go-to for blockchain infrastructure, is teaming up with SupraOracles, a leader in blockchain oracle services.

SupraOracles: Bringing Offchain Data Onchain

SupraOracles is a pioneer in oracle technology. They've crafted a robust cross-chain oracle solution that is set to revolutionize how developers bring data on-chain.

Their comprehensive range of oracle services includes accurate price feeds, Verifiable Random Functions (VRFs), and much more. SupraOracles is transforming the blockchain landscape by providing developers with the precise tools they need to create more complex, robust, and secure applications.

SupraOracles is instrumental in weaving real-world data into both public and private blockchains, thereby facilitating robust and dependable cross-chain smart contracts. By providing efficient, flexible, and robust data applications, SupraOracles is significantly shaping the future landscape of decentralized finance.

Caldera and SupraOracles: A Powerful Alliance

The integration of Oracles is one of the most frequently requested features from developers building on top of Caldera – that's why we're so excited about this partnership.

We will be integrating SupraOracles' precise price feeds to provide accurate and timely price data to DeFi orderbook protocols. This integration will provide developers with up-to-the-minute, reliable price data, fostering a more efficient and effective DeFi ecosystem on Caldera.

But that's not all. The consumer NFTs and games built on Caldera often require a reliable source of randomness to determine NFT attributes and game outcomes. That's where SupraOracles' VRF comes in. With its verifiable and reliable randomness, developers can create fair, unpredictable game outcomes and unique, rare NFT attributes.

We're ecstatic about this partnership with SupraOracles and what it means for our developer community. With the best of Caldera and SupraOracles combined, we're confident that the possibilities are endless.

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