Caldera x Modular Cloud: Next-gen block explorers for modular blockchains

Caldera x Modular Cloud: Next-gen block explorers for modular blockchains

Hey there, friends!

We've got some awesome news! Caldera, is joining forces with Modular Cloud, the amazing folks who create customizable block explorers for modular blockchains. This partnership is all about making life easier and more fun for everyone working with Caldera chains.

Modular Cloud will automatically integrate its block explorer with all rollups on Caldera, giving them more optionality and tooling. To kick off this partnership, Caldera and Modular Cloud have launched CalderaScan, a block explorer dedicated to Caldera's Goerli and Polygon testnets.

Meet Modular Cloud

Let's introduce Modular Cloud: they're all about making viewing blockchain data a breeze. Right now, they're building Explorer, a block explorer that's tailor-made for modular blockchains.

Modular Cloud indexes blocks and transactions, and show you Ethereum events and contract interactions. Additionally, their explorer is completely open source.

Modular Cloud and Caldera Chains

As part of our collaboration, Modular Cloud has hooked up Caldera's public testnets (built on Goerli and Polygon mainnet) with their block explorers.

Viewing the latest transactions on Caldera's Goerli testnet via

The block explorers are already live, and can be accessed at

Our partnership means a smoother, more enjoyable user experience for everyone working with Caldera's testnets. Plus, any new Caldera chains will have the ability to add-on Modular Cloud's rock-solid indexing and block explorer infrastructure.

Modular Cloud will soon launch free and paid APIs for developers in the Caldera ecosystem to easily access on-chain data.

The Future is Looking Bright

We're seriously stoked about this partnership and can't wait to see how it'll shape the future of modular blockchains. At Caldera, our overriding priority is developer freedom and user choice, which is why we're so excited about this partnership: now, Caldera chains and their end-users will have multiple block explorers (Blockscout and Modular Cloud) to choose from.

Keep an eye out for more updates on this partnership and all the cool features it'll bring to Caldera's ecosystem. As always, we're super grateful for your support and can't wait to see what the future holds for Caldera and Modular Cloud.

"Caldera is a very important partner for us. They are revolutionizing the DX of launching a new blockchain. We are here to serve the Caldera community and are ready to build solutions specifically for their needs."
- LZRS, founder of Modular Cloud

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