Caldera x Manta Network: A Bleeding-Edge, ZK-native L2

Caldera x Manta Network: A Bleeding-Edge, ZK-native L2

We're excited to announce our new partnership with Manta Network to build an EVM execution layer (L2) specifically designed for Zero-Knowledge applications!

Manta Network is building a private, secure, and interoperable future with Zero-Knowledge by creating and deploying tools that make privacy accessible with ZK proofs.

Manta has established their ecosystem and community by originally developing a layer-1 parachain on Polkadot named Manta Atlantic which boasts a large suite of applications.

Today, Caldera and Manta are combining efforts to add to the Manta ecosystem by building a new EVM L2 known as Manta Pacific!

The Bigger Ocean

Manta Pacific is an OP Stack rollup built to leverage Manta’s universal circuits and ZK interface for easier development of privacy focused applications. With a focus on ZK use cases, Manta Pacific offers native composability for ZK applications through it’s host of products to provide all the fundamental functionality for on-chain privacy features.

Manta Pacific is creating an accessible ZK development environment in a modular, scalable manner with multiple advantages including:

Manta’s Universal Circuits

This allow for programmable ZK applications within an EVM-native L2, enabling easy development using only Solidity.

Manta first deployed Universal Circuits which offered support for various zkAssets including both fungible tokens and NFTs. Through Universal Circuits on Manta, developers only need to use high level APIs to access programmable zkAssets.

Manta Pacific will introduce Universal Circuits 2.0, which offer a ZK library for developers to easily call ZK-enabled contracts through APIs to enable specific ZK features such as compliant private payments for DeFi, identity verification for Web3 Social, and privacy-preserving shuffling for on-chain gaming, in just a few lines of code.

Low Fees and Fast Transactions

Manta Pacific will leverage Celestia for data availability and the OP Stack for scalability. Utilizing Celestia will reduce the data portion of transaction costs on the network for end users. In addition, the OP Stack provides EVM interoperability as an execution layer giving the L2 a familiar environment for developers, high scalability, and low gas fees for ZK applications.

Manta’s Ecosystem

Across Manta, over 80 applications have used their products with a combined user base of 1.5m+ users. They plan to continue to add to this in a variety of ways, one of which is by introducing zkNFTs and other ZK-based features to power GameFi, SocialFi, DeFi and other growing aspects of web3 and ZK. They have had over 300,000 zkSBTs minted on their platform, and currently has over 200,000 active addresses.

Victor Ji, Founder of Manta said: ”Individually, Manta’s ZK, Celestia’s modular DA, and the OP Stack offer compelling technologies with proven adoption. By combining these three together, we are creating the best-in-class ecosystem for developers and users when it comes to ZK use cases—something that is very much needed in the space.”

How Caldera is Supporting Manta

By leveraging Caldera as their RaaS (rollup-as-a-service) partner, Manta is able to offer its ZK toolset, expand its infrastructure, and grow its ecosystem through a high performant, customizable, EVM compatible layer-2. Caldera will be providing the necessary the technical infrastructure needed to support the development and deployment of Manta Pacific. With Caldera's expertise in building and managing rollup solutions and the related infrastructure, Manta Pacific will have the performance, security, and scalability needed to handle a wide range of ZK use cases. In the end, the partnership between Caldera and Manta Network represents a significant step forward in the development of blockchain infrastructure.

Matt Katz, Co-Founder and CEO of Caldera, said: “We're thrilled to support Manta with the launch of Manta Pacific! Manta is pushing the boundaries with their zk-native chain, and we can't wait to see what novel applications will be built on their L2. The Manta team has been a joy to work with, and we're hyped for their ecosystem to flourish, on its own dedicated chain.”

What’s Next?

Caldera is excited for the upcoming launch of the Manta Pacific Testnet and to have Manta begin onboarding developers and applications to the ecosystem. Keep an eye out for the launch of the Testnet on Twitter.

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