Caldera x Loot: A Dedicated Chain for the Lootverse

Caldera x Loot: A Dedicated Chain for the Lootverse

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We're beyond excited to share some more news. Caldera is collaborating with the Adventure Gold DAO to launch a dedicated blockchain for the Loot ecosystem - the Loot Chain! This is a new leap forward for the Lootverse and all the projects it encapsulates, including new autonomous worlds projects.

Introducing the Loot Chain: A Revolutionary Step for the Lootverse

The Loot Chain isn't just another blockchain - it's a game-changer designed to be a dedicated, secure home for all projects within the Lootverse.

Optimized for NFT and Gaming Projects

With the rise of NFTs and blockchain gaming, the need for a specialized, highly efficient blockchain solution has never been greater. That's exactly what the Loot Chain is designed to be.

Loot Chain has been optimized specifically to support NFTs and gaming projects. It provides a robust infrastructure that can handle high transaction volumes with ease, maintaining a smooth and seamless experience for users, even during peak times.

With the Loot Chain, developers can focus on creating engaging, immersive experiences without being hampered by the technical limitations of traditional blockchains. Gamers, in turn, can enjoy their favorite games and trade their hard-earned NFTs with unparalleled speed and low costs.

Ultra-Low Fees and Instant Confirmation Times

A crucial aspect of a successful blockchain-based gaming platform is how it handles transactions. With the Loot Chain, transactions aren't just secure—they're lightning-fast and extremely affordable.

Our system offers instant confirmation times, allowing users to quickly participate in games, trade NFTs, and complete transactions in real-time. On top of that, we've ensured the transaction fees are an order of magnitude lower than most existing platforms. This creates an environment where players can freely engage in activities without worrying about high transaction costs.

AGLD: The Native Token of the Loot Chain

We believe in creating a fully integrated ecosystem where every aspect works in harmony. That's why AGLD, the native token of the Loot Chain, is now used for all transaction fees.

This use of AGLD not only streamlines the process and makes transactions smoother but also closely aligns the incentives between the AGLD DAO, developers, and users.

Caldera's Role in the Loot Chain

At Caldera, our mission has always been to help ambitious projects like Loot turn their grand visions into reality. The Loot Chain is another testament to that commitment.

In addition to helping Loot launch their blockchain, we've also provided extensive infrastructure support, including a block explorer and an indexer. These tools will make it easier for developers and users to interact with the Loot Chain, enabling seamless transactions and adding layers of transparency.

The Journey Begins!

Ready to explore the Loot Chain? To learn more and get involved, click here.

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