Caldera x Giant Leap: Unleashing Next-Level Gaming Experiences

Caldera x Giant Leap: Unleashing Next-Level Gaming Experiences

Hey everyone! We're stoked to share some fantastic news with you all - Caldera and Giant Leap are teaming up! This collaboration between us and Giant Leap, on-chain gaming masterminds, is going to take the fully-on-chain gaming world by storm.

Giant Leap is the onchain gaming studio behind the epic new game, The Underverse. They've taken inspiration from classic RTS games like Age of Empires and Homeworld, as well as newer on-chain games like Dark Forest, to create a fully on-chain MMORTS. That means that all of the game state is stored on chain and allows for users to permissionlessly extend the game via smart contracts -- a total game changer.

Making a fully onchain game means that every action in The Underverse is an onchain transaction. But with great power comes great responsibility, and there are some hurdles to overcome: player wallets, transaction throughput scalability, and gas fees. That's where Caldera comes in!

Teaming up with Caldera has helped Giant Leap tackle their challenges head-on and bring some super cool features to the table:

  1. Custom L2 Appchain Magic: Caldera's tech has let Giant Leap quickly create their own custom Layer-2 appchain that can settle on EVM Layer-1 blockchains, unlocking flexibility and scalability!
  2. Custom Gas Token Awesomeness: Thanks to Caldera's infrastructure, Giant Leap has their very own custom gas token. Now they can seed player account wallets with this token and keep gas fees from ruining their player experience.
  3. NFT Bridge from Polygon: Since The Underverse's NFT mint was happening on the Polygon network, Giant Leap leverages Caldera’s NFT bridge to connect the two ecosystems. This means players can easily transfer their items between chains.

Giant Leap is a shining example of how blockchain technology can take gaming to new heights. By combining Caldera's customizable infrastructure with Giant Leap's creative gaming prowess, we're in for a whole new world of gaming experiences. We can't wait to see what incredible things will come from Giant Leap, and are excited to work with them as they build innovative blockchain games!

Check out The Underverse at!

About Caldera

Caldera specializes in building high-performance app-specific rollups. Caldera Chains offer high throughput, low latency, and customizable features for optimizing the performance and user experience of decentralized apps, with the ability to process hundreds of transactions per second with sub-second confirmation times.

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