Caldera x Cronos: creating a scalable future

Caldera x Cronos: creating a scalable future

We're excited to announce our partnership with Cronos!

Cronos is a leading EVM-compatible layer-1 blockchain focused on creating a scalable ecosystem for DeFi , NFT,  gaming, and enterprise applications. Cronos is supported by Cronos Labs,, and more than 500 validators and application developers.

Beginning today, Caldera’s technology, infrastructure, and rollup-as-a-service support are commercially available on Cronos mainnet to developers who wish to deploy application-specific high throughput layer-2 blockchain networks within the Cronos ecosystem.

Stepping into the Arena

Cronos Labs has successfully completed testing of Caldera’s rollup implementation onto Cronos mainnet.

Over the last several weeks, Cronos Labs worked with the Caldera team to deploy and test a Caldera optimistic layer-2 rollup on top of Cronos network (testnet, followed by mainnet).

The tests were a set of diverse transactions including basic transfers, fungible token transfers, non-fungible token transfers, and smart contract calls such as swaps.

Over 200,000 transactions were successfully completed as part of these tests, with 100% success rate. The average cost per transaction was 0.02 CRO, or 0.001 US Dollars as of writing, more than 50 times cheaper than regular Cronos transactions thanks to the batching of layer-2 transactions.

This means that the Cronos ecosystem can now support hundreds or even thousands of transactions per second (3 to 30 times the current TPS), with an ecosystem of Caldera-enabled app chains sharing Cronos as the layer-1 settlement layer.

What are the big dogs saying about this?

Ken Timsit, Managing Director of Cronos Labs, said: “Layer-2 rollups are an integral part of Cronos’ scaling roadmap , alongside other initiatives such as optimizing node performance, increasing block sizes, and reducing block times. With Caldera, developers can now leverage proven optimistic rollup technology without having to worry about setting up the infrastructure needed for an application-specific chain. The resulting high speeds and low cost of transactions will enable innovative use cases, particularly in the gaming and social realms.”

Matt Katz, CEO of Caldera, added: “We're super excited to offer rollups to Cronos' developer community! With Caldera, it's now possible to launch customizable, performant app-rollups that settle on and natively interoperate with Cronos. Caldera's tech makes it easy to launch one of these chains without writing code or managing infrastructure, and Caldera chains come with other infrastructure like block explorers included, meaning that members of Cronos' developer community can focus on their application logic, while we handle the rest.”


For application creators, the value proposition of Cronos layer-2 optimistic rollups powered by Caldera is compelling:

  • Available now on Cronos mainnet.
  • High scalable: delivering low transaction costs to high-volume blockchain use cases (around 0.001 USD). The block gas limit of the layer-2 can be optimized for each specific use case.
  • EVM compatible: optimistic rollup technology is easy to use for developers who are familiar with Ethereum technology and tooling. Apps can be quickly ported over from any other EVM compatible chain.
  • Secured by the Cronos layer: the transactions of the rollup chains are recorded on Cronos, which already secures hundreds of millions of US Dollars in total value locked.
  • Integrated with the Cronos ecosystem: when they build on Cronos chain, application developers have access to a total addressable market of more than 80 million users.

Such application-specific chains are particularly relevant for gaming, DeFi applications, high-volume use cases include social media platforms, NFT-enabled event ticketing, as well as a broad range of enterprise applications.

In partnership with Cronos, Caldera continues to expand its offering and infrastructure partner ecosystem to offer options for projects and companies who want and need their own dedicated lane.

But really, WIIFM?

Cronos Labs will provide strategic advice, technical support, and potential grants to application developers with relevant use cases for this technology.

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🐦 Follow Cronos: @cronos_chain

If you're interested what Caldera can do for you or your project, don't hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to discuss how we can make a custom solution tailored to your needs come to life, and would be excited to help you launch your own blockchain!