Caldera partners with Halliday to onboard players onto Web3 games

Caldera partners with Halliday to onboard players onto Web3 games

We're thrilled to announce our new partnership with Halliday to help onboard the next generation of players onto Web3 games. With Halliday, teams building games on Caldera chains will be able to deliver frictionless in-game experiences through their account abstraction onboarding, fiat payments, and gameplay tools.

Halliday: Empowering Web3 Gamers

So what exactly does Halliday do? Well, it's no secret that Web3 games of the past have been plagued by misaligned incentives and poor user experience that's led to sub-optimal user acquisition, retention, and conversion rates across the space.

Halliday is fixing this through their suite of onboarding and growth tools geared towards eliminating points of friction across the Web3 gaming customer life cycle. These tools are all powered by the Halliday Smart Contract Wallet (built on top of ERC-4337), which enables teams to offer:

  • Social login with account recovery
  • Auto-signing sessions
  • Gas sponsorship of player transactions
  • Play Now, Pay Later user offering
  • Direct NFT Checkout

On top of these Account Abstraction perks, Halliday also offers gaming-specific products like NFT Trials and Subscriptions to help supercharge growth among communities in their ecosystem.

Caldera and Halliday

Halliday's goal is to bridge the best of custodial and noncustodial solutions into a new standard of ownership and access in Web3 games.

Our goal at Caldera is ultimately always to empower developers to build their dream applications without compromises. Through this partnership, we're thrilled to enable game developers building on scalable Caldera chains to provide their players with flexible logins and seamless gameplay experiences.

Getting Started!

Interested in launching a dedicated rollup with Halliday Smart Account Wallets? Don’t hesitate to chat with us!

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