Caldera partners with Espresso to bring decentralized sequencing to Caldera Chains

Caldera partners with Espresso to bring decentralized sequencing to Caldera Chains

We're thrilled to announce our new partnership with Espresso Systems, the team behind the Espresso Sequencer, to bring decentralized sequencing to Caldera rollups and the OP stack! With this integration, teams building on Caldera chains will be able to easily opt into using the Espresso Sequencer as a plug-in component of our modular rollup stack!

Espresso Sequencer: Scale, Decentralize, Interoperate

So what is the Espresso Sequencer? Well, while layer 2 rollups are increasingly delivering on their promise to scale Ethereum and make it useful for a wider range of users and applications, nearly all of those rollups still rely on centralized sequencers, which can carry risks of unreliability and censorship.

The Espresso Sequencer improves upon this status quo by offering rollups a means of achieving credible neutrality, enhanced interoperability, mitigation of negative effects of MEV, and long-term economic incentive alignment with L1 validators. In doing so, it provides rollups secure, high throughput, low latency transaction ordering and availability.

Ultimately, the Espresso team envisions the Espresso Sequencer as a shared public good, providing utility that not only allows rollups to decentralize, but also introduces the interoperability advantages of a shared sequencing layer to the ecosystem at large.

Caldera and Espresso

Through this partnership, developers building with Caldera will be able to deploy performant app-specific rollups that utilize the Espresso Sequencer for ordering and fast confirmations, bringing another layer of customizability to our modular stack that should enable teams to build their dream applications without compromises!

We’re ecstatic about this partnership with Espresso and what it means for our developer community. For those interested in using decentralized sequencing with their own applications, a new Caldera testnet integrated with the Espresso Sequencer will be released soon for anyone to try out!

Getting Started!

Interested in launching a dedicated rollup, integrated with Espresso’s decentralized sequencing? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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