Caldera partners with Biconomy to bring Account Abstraction to Appchains

Caldera partners with Biconomy to bring Account Abstraction to Appchains

We're ecstatic to announce our new partnership with Biconomy to bring Account Abstraction to the Caldera appchain ecosystem! With Biconomy, teams building on Caldera chains will be able to deliver seamless Web2-like user experiences through a full-stack of intuitive developer tools, enabling the next generation of users to onboard onto Web3!

Biconomy: The Standard for Web3 UX

So what is Account Abstraction and why does it matter? Well, currently there are two account types on Ethereum: Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs) and Contract Wallets. Most accounts today fall under the category of EOAs, but this account type limits users to executing only basic operations and exposes them to vulnerability via private key management. Constraints like these are largely responsible for the difficult onboarding process and complicated user experience across applications today, which continue to stifle user adoption and retention rates across Web3.

Biconomy improves this through Account Abstraction, which unifies Contract Accounts and EOAs to make user accounts programmable, “abstracting” out the logic of signing transactions from the EOA in favor of improved wallet designs and reduced complexity. In practice, that means through the Biconomy SDK, developers can deliver a seamless Web2-like experience by:

  • Enabling Social Logins using Gmail, Facebook, etc
  • Creating highly secure and gas light smart wallets
  • Offering gas-less (sponsored) transactions
  • Batching transactions to give magical one-click experiences
  • Adding custom module extensions to extend wallet functions
  • Offering direct fiat purchases and checkouts via partnered on-ramps

The need for an all-in-one UX toolkit in Web3 has become exceedingly apparent, and Biconomy’s goal is make Web3 frictionless and accessible for all.

Caldera and Biconomy

Biconomy infrastructure already powers 300+ clients and has onboarded over 4 million new users. Through this partnership, every application building on a Caldera chain will also be able to leverage their tooling to provide seamless UX for the next billion users in Web3.

We’re thrilled about this partnership with Biconomy and what it means for our developer community and their users. For those interested in learning more about the Biconomy SDKs, we encourage you to check out their docs!

Getting Started!

Interested in launching a dedicated rollup while leveraging Biconomy SDKs? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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