Announcing SevenX Ventures' Participation in Caldera's Seed Round

Announcing SevenX Ventures' Participation in Caldera's Seed Round

Hey everyone! We've got a great update on our seed round, which we announced back in February on TechCrunch. We’re happy to announce SevenX Ventures as an additional investor in this round, and we're really looking forward to this partnership. Let's dive into why this collaboration is so exciting for us.

About SevenX

As you might know, SevenX Ventures is a well-respected venture capital firm that supports early-stage startups in the tech and blockchain sectors. They have a solid history of identifying and nurturing innovative projects. Now, they're investing in Caldera, and we're thrilled to join forces in bringing customizable layer-two rollups to more teams.

One of the things that caught our attention about SevenX Ventures is their deep commitment to crypto. With a wealth of experience in the crypto space, they have a strong understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that blockchain projects encounter. We're eager to tap into their insights as we continue to develop our platform for customizable layer-two rollup solutions.

Most notable about SevenX Ventures is their established presence in Asia. When it comes to blockchain technology, Asia is often an early adopter. SevenX’s knowledge of the Asian market and their extensive network will undoubtedly help us better understand and serve projects in this part of the world.

About Caldera

Caldera specializes in building high-performance app-specific rollups. Caldera Chains offer high throughput, low latency, and customizable features for optimizing the performance and user experience of decentralized apps, with the ability to process hundreds of transactions per second with sub-second confirmation times.

If you’re a developer working on a project, contact us to spin up a production-ready, bespoke rollup. Since last year, we’ve been running rollups in production, on Ethereum and Polygon mainnet, for select customers.

We're delighted to have SevenX Ventures on board for our seed round. We're confident that their support will play a significant role in helping us achieve our goals as we work towards enabling teams to launch customizable layer-two rollups. Here's to a fruitful partnership and an exciting future in the world of blockchain infrastructure!